We’re raising for a next-level freelancer financial services, management and recruitment ecosystem.


We are raising £150k for Yellow (3x apps, 1 business), a disruptive freelancer ecosystem. Combined, they serve the entire self-employed value chain, from recruitment and booking management to banking and financial services.

Yellow is a game-changer in the self-employed sector due to the data that’s acquired from each freelancer’s Diary, a smart calendar app designed specifically for managing freelance work. It automates availability sharing, bookings, contracts, time-tracking, invoicing, timesheets and collaboration, as well as the acquisition of essential financial services.

To obtain a full deck or to arrange a call, please contact Richard (CEO) at richard@freelancediary.com or Daniel (COO) at daniel@freelancediary.com.


FreelanceDiary and Yoyo (freelancer management and recruitment apps) are ready for launch. Yellow (banking app): A digital wallet service provider has been selected and a partnership with one of the largest freelancer insurance providers have been finalised and agreements have been signed.

See below for more details about each app:


Yellow is a smart banking app for the self-employed that is driven by the data in their Diaries. This data enables us to automate the acquisition of our partners’ financial services and provide innovative, automated tools, such as automated expenses and tax returns.


FreelanceDiary (website live and apps available on iOS and Android) is the complete booking, management and payment solution for freelancers and talent managers. At the core is a calendar that’s designed for freelance work, providing smarter availability, booking and management, whilst automating invoicing, timesheets and payments.

Below is the FreelanceDiary product promo and below that is the investor demo.


Yoyo is a recruitment services platform with smart applicant tracking and shortlist sharing. Integrated with FreelanceDiary and Yellow, it enables recruiters to accurately track contractors’ availability, discover new talent, invoice clients and pay their talent.

Written by Richard Jeffs
Former TV Producer and DoP. Now Founder and CEO of Yellow and FreelanceDiary.

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