Investing in FreelanceDiary


Nominated by Creative England as an innovative and disruptive company, FreelanceDiary is the dynamic freelancer booking, management and payment platform that provides a dynamic new way to hire, manage and pay.


Contacting freelancers individually by telephone/email/SMS to find out their availability, confirm jobs and manage ongoing bookings is labour-intensive, and often ineffective as freelancers are hard-to-reach when focussed on work. Posting to job-sites to find new talent is equally frustrating due to in-demand freelancers not having the time (or need) to search and apply for jobs. Relying on these outdated systems is time-consuming, breeds disorganisation and results in freelancers missing opportunities or unable to find work.

FreelanceDiary solves these and other problems relating to booking management and payment, meeting the immediate requirements of the new, on-demand workplace.


Compared to the traditional workforce, freelancing is growing 3x faster. 50% of millennial workers worldwide are already freelance and 50.9% of all workers will be freelance within 10yrs. In the UK from 2008-2016, freelancers increased by 43% and contributed £119B to the economy. There are 57.3M freelancers in the US.

Our initial target market is the creative economy, where nearly 50% of the 40M professionals worldwide are freelance and generate more revenue than the automotive, life sciences, aerospace, oil and gas sectors combined. Since starting trading in March 2019 we’ve hit £500k revenue from New Hires.


Richard Jeffs, Founder: At the age of 23, Richard was producing and directing documentaries for ITV, he was a director of photography on BBC’s flagship current-affair series, Panorama, by 25 and, in 2016, received an IPSE (UK’s largest freelancer body) Freelancer Award. Frustrated by the inefficient hiring practices that both he and his peers were experiencing, Richard designed FreelanceDiary to provide a dynamic, new way to hire, manage and pay.

Carson Liu, COO: Carson has had a successful career working for Silicone Valley start-ups, such as FiveStars and DeepCrawl, creating scaling sales processes, business operations and implementing growth models through strategic partnerships, technical integrations and referral/rev share models.

Lewis Wright, CTO: Lewis has 15 years leading teams and running software businesses. A sought after CTO with a passion for automation and devops, in his spare time Lewis enjoys giving talks at conferences on subjects such as TDD, BDD, DDD and good practices, and Lewis runs a successful Meetup group for developers.

Justin Townsend, CFO: Justin has an MBA from London Business School, worked for RBS, HSBC and DigitasLBi. Justin rolled out a $150 million tech programme at Westpac, implemented £200m campaigns for the TV Licensing authority and been instrumental in the consolidation of Asia Pacific functions taking place at Credit Suisse.

Natalie Smith, Director: Natalie has 15 years working at executive level for several multibillion pound tech companies and on global TUPE, M&A, outsourcing and transformation projects. Natalie met the FreelanceDiary team while growing Ola UK and was so impressed that she joined as an advisor and now as board director.

Written by Richard Jeffs
Former freelance shooting producer/director and now founder of Frustration with the freelancer booking model drove me to find a dynamic, new way to hire, manage and engage.