Promotional jobs with Ola

We are excited to tell you about some great job opportunities promoting the UK launch of Ola’s ride-hailing taxi application.

Who are Ola?

Ola, the world’s fastest growing ride-hailing company, have arrived in the UK. After successfully launching in four major cities they have begun their full UK and international roll-out.

Ola are recruiting teams to go out in their local communities and promote their amazing ride-hailing service at each city during the UK launch, and beyond.

Ola Ambassadors

As an Ola Ambassador, you would actively engage with people from your local area, promoting the launch in your city and making them aware of Ola’s promotional offers, as well as the values the brand represents. These include trustworthiness, Ola’s reputation for both customer and staff safety and their commitment to fair prices and good wages.

Ola believe that the best teams have a great team spirit. They want their ambassadors to have an energetic, friendly and positive attitude. Ola Ambassadors work hard as a team, support each other and like to celebrate together when the job is done. Ola also offer great incentives and benefits, such as monthly social events.

The positions

Ola are hiring Team Leaders and Promoters to promote Ola’s services, offers and brand during their national launch. These positions will be for the initial 4 weeks of each city’s launch, and possibly continuing.

Promoters £12 per hour. Team Leader: £14 per hour.

There are also a number of Junior Operations Executive positions available. These are full-time, 3-month fixed-term positions and pays £22k-£25k p/a (dependent on experience), with a good possibility of continuing work, so they’re a great opportunity to join the Ola family.

To apply, please email with your name, email and phone, and please state the town you are applying for.

Written by Richard Jeffs
Former freelance shooting producer/director and now founder of Frustration with the freelancer booking model drove me to find a dynamic, new way to hire, manage and engage.

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