Turning your recruitment candidate base into great placements

Recruiting the right talent for your clients relies heavily on the strength of your candidate base, but turning that database into great placements can be labour-intensive and therefore costly.

The frustration of recruiting

Need to recruit a talented art director? Browse your candidate database, then begin calling them individually to find out who’s available or send emails via your CRM system and hope you’ll get a response.

This is the point in the process that is time-consuming, sometimes ineffective and always expensive. Recruiters expend a lot of time and resources just to confirm or rule out the availability and interest of their talent. The problem is exacerbated when candidates are unable to take calls or respond to emails while at work, which can result in both the recruiter and candidate missing out on the opportunity.

Once a response has been received from interested candidates, going through CVs, websites and other online profiles in order to identify suitably qualified candidates is slow and disorganised. By the time a strong list of candidates has been created, the availability of the selected freelancers might have changed, so communicating and confirming these details further draws out the process.

These inefficiencies add avoidable costs and limits productivity, restricting the number of placements the recruiter is able to fill.

Changing the way we work

With most industries rapidly moving towards a predominantly freelance workforce, the number of clients looking for temporary workers to staff their projects will continue to increase. Project-based work requires talent immediately and frequently, as well as demanding a more diverse array of skillsets. To support this trend, we need a new way to recruit.

Now is the time to embrace technology that effectively supports the recruitment needs of the modern workplace. We are a team of freelance workers, and employers of freelance talent, who have built a solution that will empower recruiters to harness the full potential of their candidate bases.

That solution is FreelanceDiary, the dynamic, new way to recruit and engage.

Faster, smarter recruitment

FreelanceDiary enables you to instantly view your candidates’ real-time availability, browse their work and send group invitations to the most suitable talent. You can also ask Ferdy, our smart booking assistant, to automatically select and invite the best, available talent for you.

Freelancers view project details in their Diary and can, with the immediacy of a couple of clicks, express interest in the job. Integrated Skype Interview and live messaging also supports direct engagement.

By automating this process, FreelanceDiary provides instant access to your entire candidate base, and the Diary streamlines all negotiations and confirmations. You can then export and share the best candidates with your clients. Once the position is filled, the job changes to Confirmed in your selected candidate’s Diary, while unsuccessful candidates are thanked for their interest automatically.

Grow your talent and client base

As you will not always have the right talent for a specific client, below your candidate list, FreelanceDiary presents new, available talent for you to engage with and invite. You can also grow your candidate list at any time, making the process of recruiting the right talent even more efficient. This means less reliance on expensive, external job-sites, so you can avoid the monotonous chore of searching through the pages of unsuitable applications they churn out.

Discover how you can #MakeRecruitmentWork at FreelanceDiary.com/recruiter

Written by Richard Jeffs
Former freelance shooting producer/director and now founder of FreelanceDiary.com. Frustration with the freelancer booking model drove me to find a dynamic, new way to hire, manage and engage.

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