Turn your freelance contacts into great projects and regular work

In an industry where booking the right freelancer or finding the next job relies heavily on who you know, building a strong professional network is essential, but turning those contacts into great projects or regular work can be an uphill struggle.

How we book talent and get hired

Need an experienced art director? Browse your contacts and begin calling them individually to find out who’s available. Your current job is finishing? Start contacting your clients to let them know you’re looking for work.

This is the point in the process that is labour-intensive, often ineffective and always expensive. Companies expend a lot of time and resources just to confirm or rule out the availability of their existing contacts. The problem is exacerbated when freelancers are unable to take calls or respond to emails while at work, which can result in both company and freelancer missing out on the opportunity. These inefficiencies add avoidable costs to many projects’ already overstretched budgets and lead to freelancers struggling to secure sustainable work.

Changing the way we work

With most industries rapidly moving towards a predominantly freelance workforce, now is the time to embrace technology that effectively supports the hiring needs of the modern workplace. We are a team of freelancers, and employers of freelance talent, who have built a solution that will empower companies, recruiters and freelancers to harness the full potential of their industry contacts. That solution is FreelanceDiary, the dynamic, new way to hire and engage.

Hire faster, smarter

FreelanceDiary enables companies and recruiters to instantly view their freelancers’ real-time availability, browse recent work and send group invitations to the most suitable talent. Or they can let Ferdy, the smart booking assistant, automatically select and invite the best freelancers.

Freelancers view project details in their Diary and can, with the immediacy of a couple of clicks, express interest and share their rates.

Integrated Skype Interviews and live messaging also supports direct engagement, directly from a desktop.

By automating this process, FreelanceDiary provides companies and recruiters instant access to their entire talent base and freelancers the guarantee that they will be considered when their clients are hiring. The Diary also streamlines ongoing booking management.

Grow your talent and client base

Companies do not always have the right talent for a specific job and, to build a sustainable career, it is necessary for freelancers to find new clients. Below their Contacts, companies can add, engage and hire new, available talent, and freelancers can identify potential clients and ask to be added to their Contacts. This reduces their reliance on external, expensive job sites, as well as avoid the monotonous chore of searching through pages of unsuitable applications and low-paid opportunities.

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Written by Richard Jeffs
During the 15 years I worked as a TV producer and director of photography, my peers and I grew increasingly frustrated by the outdated and ineffective methods we rely on for hiring, managing and paying freelancers. Busy freelancers are hard-to-reach and job-sites are often ineffective for finding talent. This, as well as inefficiencies in the ongoing management and payment processes, is what drove me to design a dynamic, new way to hire manage and pay.