Restore the Diary to the core of freelance

In an industry where finding work or talent relies heavily on who you know, the diary was always at the centre of every freelancer and booking manager’s livelihood. It would contain a calendar where you would record all important dates and project details, as well as hold vital freelancer and client contact information.

Advancements in technology has resulted in platforms that offer modern businesses a range of professional networks and calendar apps. Although useful for many tasks, these varied, separate systems are not designed to effectively support freelance work.

Managing your bookings

Calendar applications are useful for organising everyday tasks, but they are not sophisticated enough to manage freelance bookings. For instance, the two most popular calendars, Apple and Google, cannot effectively manage details specific to freelancing, such as the recording of non-consecutive dates, the difference between pending or confirmed bookings, agreed rates and equipment costs.

All communication and confirmations are carried out on separate systems, making the process of managing the project disorganised. For the raising and submitting of invoices, freelancers then need to manually transfer the data into another application.

Harnessing your professional network

Professional networks are effective for making new connections, but engaging through in-app messaging to individually contact freelancers or potential clients is labour-intensive and, in my experience, ineffective. These platforms are not designed to support and promote the immediate and repeat hiring needs of the industry.

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How FreelanceDiary makes freelance work

With 50% of all millennials already freelancing and half the workforce expected to be freelance by 2027, freelancing is the future. There needs to be a better way to find and book freelancers, as well as manage freelance work. FreelanceDiary is the pioneering freelancer booking platform that provides a dynamic, new way to hire, manage and engage.

The Diary has been designed specifically to suit the particular hiring needs of freelancing, as well as allowing the efficient recording of all project and booking details. Once rates and costs have been added, the booking total is calculated automatically, which can then be confirmed with the client or freelancer. All bookings then sync with Apple and Google calendars.

FreelanceDiary provides companies and recruiters instant access to their entire talent base by enabling them to view freelancers who are available and send group invitations for work. Automatic availability promotion means that freelancers can guarantee that they will be considered when their clients are hiring. Furthermore, the Diary promotes FreelanceDiary’s new, available talent to companies, reducing the industry’s reliance on slow, expensive job-sites.

We also recognise that, throughout the lifetime of the project, details such as availability, dates and costs change. To manage these processes fluidly, the Diary automates ongoing updates, communications and confirmations.

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Written by Richard Jeffs
Former freelance shooting producer/director and now founder of Frustration with the freelancer booking model drove me to find a dynamic, new way to hire, manage and engage.

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